Do you know the 8 Steps to Scrum?
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​​​Scrum is easier than it seems, we'll explain how in these 8 simple steps.

Fi​gure: This Scrum image includes all the important steps from the initial meeting to the Review and Retro. Print this SSW 8 Steps to Scrum PDF and put it on your " War Room" wall​
  1. Initial Meeting

    The Product Owner explains the product vision, scope is agreed, and the number of days needed for the 'Backlog Construction' is proposed.

  2. Backlog Construction

    A 'Backlog Construction' is performed, listing the features, technologies and a ball park of the number of sprints. Together with a rate, this becomes the estimate.

  3. Sprint Pl​anning

    Features are ordered by the Product Owner. The Development Team estimates and forecasts which features will be delivered in the Sprint.

  4. Sprint

    The Development Team works on features in priority order, having done a Daily Scrum and sending 'Done' emails once the 'Definition of Done' is met. A task board is often used. During this process, the team also refines items in the Product Backlog to ensure they conform to the 'Definition of Ready'.

  5. Sprint Review

    The Development Team demos all the features they've completed. Feedback is gathered. This is the real measure of the success of the Sprint.

  6. Product Increment

    Work accepted by the Product Owner can be deployed to production. Each Sprint is a potentially shippable increment of software.

  7. Product Feedback

    Bugs and small changes are added to the current Sprint. Other requests are added to the Product Backlog if approved by the Product Owner.

  8. Sprint Retrospective

    This is the best part: Inspecting and adapting. Upon finishing the Sprint, the Scrum Team discusses what went well, what didn't and what to improve.

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