Do you know how to upgrade CRM 2015 to 2016
  v3.0 Posted at 27/01/2016 2:28 PM by Ulysses Maclaren
CRM 2016 has many improvements over it's predecessors, including Power BI integration, improved navigation, and the new Outlook extension​.

​​The procedure for upgrading CRM 2015 to 2016 is:

1. Apply Windows Update on CRM and Database servers

2. Go to CRM server | Deployment Manager | Disable CRM organization

disable_org.png  Figure: Disable organization

3. Back up CRM organization database and configuration database

4. Go to CRM server | Control Panel | Uninstall "Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reporting Extensions"

uninstall_reportingextensions.png Figure: Uninstall CRM Reporting Extensions

5. Download CRM 2016 Server installation file and start the upgrade

upgrade_demoorg.png Figure: Select the demo organization to be upgraded

​​​​Note: It's better to have an empty demo organization to be upgraded first, so that you can test if the server upgrade has no issues.

upgrade_successfully.png Figure: Successfully upgraded CRM server
test_demo_org.png Figure: Quick test on the demo organization 
upgrade_businessOrg.pngFigure: Upgrade business organization 
upgrade_org_successfully.pngFigure: Successfully upgrade organization 

6. Go to CRM setup directory | SrsDataConnector | Install 'Microsoft Dynamics CRM Reporting Extensions"

install_reporting_extensions.png Figure: Install CRM Reporting Extensions
upgrade_to_crm2016.pngFigure: Successfully upgraded to CRM2016

​If using Email Router, do the following 2 steps to upgrade Email Router to 2016

7. Go to CRM server | Uninstall "Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 Email Router"

uninstall_emailRouter.png Figure: Uninstall Email Router 2015

8. Download CRM 2016 Email Router and install

install_emailRouter.png Figure: Install required components for Email Router 2016
emailRouter_installtionFinish.png Figure: Successfully installed Email Router 2016
configurate_emailrouter_2.png Figure: Configure​ Email Router 

You're now ready to roll with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. If you had any trouble with this guide, please let us know with a rating of this rule.

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