Do you know how to rollback changes in TFS?
  v2.0 Posted at 7/05/2014 2:03 PM by System Account
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    There are two ways to do this:
  1. If you haven’t checked in any files since you started modifying them then the process is simple:
    • Right click your solution and Undo Pending Changes
      Undo Pending changes
  2. If you aren’t so lucky and have made some commits along the way then the only option is to use the Rollback command.
    • To use this you will need to install Team Foundation Server Power Tools v1.2
    • Find the revision before you started checking code in using the History command
      Revision List
      Figure: The last revision before Tristan made changes was 5367
    • Open the Command Prompt in your current working directory and type “c:\Program Files\Microsoft Team Foundation Server Power Tools\tfpt.exe” rollback /changeset:5367
      Rollback Changeset
    • Click Yes and the rollback will proceed

It would be nice if there was a GUI for this tool so that I can just right click and select rollback. See Better Software Suggestion – TFS

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