Do you know how to create a SSW product logo?
  v2.0 Posted at 22/11/2019 2:39 PM by Ken Shi

​​​Product logo design is an important tool when it comes to promoting SSW’s products or services. An SSW product logo must have a unique design that incorporates with SSW corporate visual concept and colors, makes a lasting positive impression on our customers.

​​Figure: Good Example​​ - Some of the current SSW Product Logos

1. The main parts of an SSW product logo

A well designed SSW product logo has three parts: a pair of angle brackets, an icon, and the product name.
​​Figure: Main parts of an SSW product logo

2. The color of an SSW product logo

The colors used on the SSW product logo are the primary colors of SSW which are red and charcoal.
#CC4141 | RGB (204,65,65)#333333 | RGB (51,51,51)

An SSW product logo can be shown in these color variations: Two-Colored, SSW charcoal, true black, or all white.
​​​​​​Figure: Good Example - ​TimePro logo in 4 different colors

3. The font of an SSW product logo

The font used on SSW product logo is Helvetica Neue LT Pro​, the font weight for the first part of the product name is 75 Bold, for the second part of the product name is 45 Light. ​​

4. The vertical layout of an SSW product logo

A vertical layout version should also take consideration when creating an SSW product logo. Place the icon set and product name vertically, make the product name 80% of the original size (e.g. 30pt for original, 24pt for vertical).
Figure: Good Example -​Vertical version of TimePro logo​

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