Do you have a Preflight Checklist?
  v2.0 Posted at 2/11/2015 9:03 AM by Ben Cull
Before starting any work, you should ensure developers take a look at your Application Insights data to make sure everything is performing correctly.

Most developers check only this first item before starting their work:

1. Check Unit Tests are Green


Figure: Tests are green. I'm ready to start work... or am I?

More advanced teams check their application insights data as well. This includes:​​

2. Look for any new Unhandled Exceptions​

​See Do you know the daily process to improve the health of your web application?


Figure: Unhandled Exceptions - Is there anything you don't know about here?

3. Look for any obvious performance issues (Server then client).

See Do you know how to find performance problems with Application Insights?


Figure: Performance - The Server Responses tab shows the slowest running pages.

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