Do you have a call to action on your web pages (aka The Banana Rule)?
  v1.0 Posted at 5/12/2014 7:20 AM by Tiago Araujo

If you want users to take action on the web page content, add a "banana" - something that makes it obvious what the user is supposed to do.

For example, if your page is selling software, make it easy for your users to make a purchase. People don't have a lot of time to read your entire page and find the right link, so it is important to grab their attention by using a "banana".​​

Why do we call it "banana rule"?

How would you get a monkey pay attention to something? You could lure him by tempting him with a banana. Once we have the monkeys attention focused on the banana, he will try to get his hands on it regardless of the barriers on his way.

Getting attention of monkey with banana
Figure: If the monkey can see the banana, he will do whatever it takes to get it

This is how the "banana rule" should be applied:

Bad use of banana in Qantas.com.au
Figure: Bad Example – "Points+Pay"button takes the attention over "Go"​ which should be the "banana"
So, remember most pages need a "banana" to get them to where you want them. "Bananas" are big, simple and stand out from the rest of the page
Good use of banana in Teamviewer.com
Figure: Great Example - Team Viewer also has a good banana

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