Do you know how to use Social Media for International Campaigns?
  v22.0 Posted at 24/09/2020 3:00 PM by Penny Walker

​Promoting your application and business via social media can be extremely beneficial, not only for promoting of a business, but for feedback from customers as well. To help implement social media campaigns, try these tips:

  • Target platforms for the countries in which you’ll have either an e-commerce or on-the-ground presence. e.g. Facebook/Qzone, Twitter/Weibo.
  • Understand the specific social media websites and to craft the message for each  language. Always localize, don’t just translate. Google translate just isn't good enough, always give it to a native speaker to translate. 
  • Don't make the text longer than what the shortest supported is (usually Twitter which is 140 characters).
  • Studies show that posts with an image get more traction .
  • Post it to the English site.
  • Then post it to the Chinese site.
  • Great, now you are ready to post to all of the social media platforms simultaneously.
  • Facebook Like pages
    Figure:  Make sure that your social media presence covers the countries you have translated your application into
                  e.g. Link Auditor on Weibo (A local social media, China’s Twitter replacement).  

We have a service called SSW Chinafy that can help you get started following this rule.

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