Do you enforce work item association with check-in?
  v4.0 Posted at 7/05/2014 1:57 PM by System Account

One of the big advantage of using TFS is end to end traceability, however this requires the developer to do one extra step to link their code (changeset) with requirements (work items). Code is the body of software, while user requirement is the spirit. Work Item association feature helps us to link the spirit and body of software together. This is especially useful when you trying to identify the impact of a bug in term of user requirements.

No work item associated
Figure: Bad Example: No work item is associated with changeset
work item associated
Figure: Good Example: No work item is associated with changeset

More Information
In order to achieve this, developers need to choose the Work Item tab when check-in and "associate" code with a related work item.

Work item association
Figure: Associate Work Item with Changeset

As the project administrator, you can take one step further to enable "Work Item Check-in Policy" to enforce this rule in your team.

Work Item Check-in Policy
Figure: Always enable the “Work Items check-in policy”

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