Do you create a Sprint Review/Retro email?
  v19.0 Posted at 2/03/2020 2:59 PM by Prem Radhakrishnan
​​After any Sprint Review and Retrospective, an email should be sent to all the stakeholders to update them on the outcome from the sprint:
  • Subject: <Client Name> Sprint XX Review/Retro
  • This is a reply to the Sprint Forecast email
  • Screenshot of Burndown from Azure DevOps
  • Breakdown of work completed (including current code coverage value)
  • Link to test environment
  • Relevant notes from the retrospective
  • CC - SSWSprintReviews@sswcom.onmicrosoft.com

Hi [Product Owner],

Sprint in Review: [Sprint Number]
Sprint Goal: [Goal​]
Sprint Duration: [Numbe​r of weeks]
Project: [Project Name]
Project Portal: [Link to project Portal]
Test Environment:     [Link to test environment]
Product Owner: [Product Owner Name]

Attendees: (Optional as they may be in the to and CC)


Sprint Review


ID Title StateEffort
UI Improvements
Integrate Business Logic to MVC app  
Figure: Sprint Backlog from [Link to Sprint Backlog in Azure DevOps]


As per https://rules.ssw.com.au/do-you-know-what-happens-at-a-sprint-retrospective-meeting​, we review:

1. Sprint Burndown (a quick overview of the sprint)

Figure: Sprint Burndown

2. Code Coverage (hopefully tests are increasing each sprint)

3. Velocity (Optional)

4. Burnup (for the release - the whole project, how are we tracking for the big picture?)

Release Burnup.jpg
Figure: Release Burnup

5. Production Deployments (How many times did we deploy to Production?)

Figure: Deployments from Octopus Deploy

6​​. Application Health Overview Timeline (For the entire Sprint)​​

Application Health Overview Timeline.png


Did we do any experimental work?

<insert details of any trial/error processes, and ensure all detail is captured as per https://rules.ssw.com.au/do-you-record-your-failures>

​<insert details of any problems for which no solutions existed, and ensure detail is captured as per https://rules.ssw.com.au/do-you-record-your-research-under-the-pbi>

​Sprint Retrospective

As part of our commitment to inspect and adapt as a team we conduct a Sprint Retrospective at the end of every Sprint. Here are the results of our Sprint Retrospective:

What went well?
<insert what went well from retro>

What didn’t go so well?
<insert what did not went well from retro>

What improvements will be made for the next Sprint?
<insert what improvements will be made for the next Sprint>

Definition of Ready - Optional​​​​​

<insert the definition of Ready. Normally that the PBIs are Sized with Acceptance criteria added>

Definition of Done - Optional

<insert Definition of Done. Normally that it compiles, meets the acceptance criteria, and a test please has been sent if relevant>​

<This is as per the rule: https://rules.ssw.com.au/do-you-create-a-sprint-review-retro-email​ />

Figure: Good Example - Template for Sprint Review/Retro Email. Subject: Sprint xxx Review/Retro

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