Do you avoid "Data Junk" (data not manually entered by yourself)?
  v2.0 Posted at 1/12/2014 1:10 PM by Rebecca Liu

When there are too many choices always Default to the most common ones. Then add a check box to allow the advanced users to turn off the common choices. E.g.

[x] Only include common choices

Likewise in a contacts database where you have entries from all around the world it is good to add a check box on the search screen similar to the following:

[x] Only include customers that have been updated by employees (not directly entered from the web)

A good example on that the checkbox on the search screen of TimePRO.NET.

Options Form - ComboBox without Result Count
Figure: Default search tick box in TimePRO.NET

Read our rule on Validation - Do you avoid capturing incorrect data?

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