Do you always carry your Tool Box?
  v9.0 Posted at 21/12/2014 11:46 AM by Lu Zhang
​Carrying your laptop with the right stuff installed is not enough. 

Not only software, carrying your own hardware and peripherals will save you hours one day:

Here are the things you should also physically carry:


Carry the right tools and you'll rescue someone, one day...
Figure: St. Bernards are known for rescuing lost mountaineers, bringing life saving provisions


  • Business cards
  • A network cable (optional)
  • An extension cord (optional)
  • A thumb drive on your key ring (a personal choice, but 16 GB is a good choice)
  • An external hard drive (a personal choice, but 750 GB if a good choice if you have lots of 10+ GB VMs)
  • Software DVD's (generally you can keep the .ISOs of MS Office and Visual Studio D:\DataSetup\ISOs\)
  • Current brochures - Hand them out to interested clients
  • User story cards - These help Product owners create user stories
  • Evaluation forms - Ask for feedback if you did a presentation
  • Even a text book or two

We have one guy in our office who carries two bags, each weighing about 10 kgs. He is the SSW St. Bernard! *

If you need to quickly share something with your mate:


* One of our mean guys put a house brick in the bottom a bag to see if he noticed it. He carried it for 2 weeks. It was very funny.

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