Customization - Do you have your customizations documented?
  v2.0 Posted at 20/06/2013 5:12 PM by Mehmet Ozdemir

You will want to have a list of all customizations - from Custom Entities to Callouts. You can export the customizations to an XML file - but that is not fun to read. There is no tool to document or any visual tool to look at - so the best thing is screen captures with circles highlighting the customized areas.

​The following tools can also help you to export this data:

Metablast by Somona Partners http://blog.sonomapartners.com/2011/05/metablast-get-your-microsoft-crm-entity-schema-data-now.html

Metadata Browser by Rhett Clinton http://crm2011metabrowser.codeplex.com/

CRM Document Generator by Tanguy http://metadatadocgenerator.codeplex.com/


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