Customization - Do you always make backup versions of the XML schema? (CRM 4 only)
  v3.0 Posted at 20/06/2013 4:30 PM by Mehmet Ozdemir

When the XML schema is published it re-generates the underlying SQL and .aspx code. If trouble hits, a "refresh" or "rollback" to an uncorrupted schema is always a backup plan. A versioning scheme is also required to keep track of different versions of the XML schema at different points in time. To make a backup of the schema from within Microsoft CRM navigate to Settings -> Customization -> Export Customizations. Browse to the location on your personal hard drive where the .XML file is to be stored.

Microsoft CRM Customization Pane
Figure: Export customizations as backup

Tip #1: Export only the customizations of entities that you customize and keep each entity customizations in a separate file, see the rule:Customization - Do you export only the customizations of entities that you did customize?

Tip #2: Put the date on the file names and while you are working you will be doing this multiple times a day.

Tip #3: don't save this on the Dev Virtual Machine.

In CRM 2011 we use Solutions and TFS Source Control.

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