Do you make your office a welcoming space for employees and customers?
  v4.0 Posted at 24/09/2020 12:43 PM by Jerwin Parker

​​Your office reflects your business and provides a consistent experience to both current and potential customers. Much like your house, you usually wouldn't invite guests over if your house isn't clean or organized. The same with your office space, you should make sure everyday that if your customers walked in, at any time they would be impressed by your team's professional appearance.

Here is a sample DailyOps Checklist. It is all about the experience.

  1. Create a Daily Office Maintenance: Morning and Evening Checklist Standard 
  2. IMPORTANT: Ensure your office is open and closed on time as per your advertised business hours.  The start time of the first and last time should be in sync with your Google Maps account at https://maps.google.com 
  3. Ensure your office is clean and tidy. The first person in should do a walk through to check on the evening cleaner
  4. Perform a client ready walk through each day. It is all about the experience.
    1. Pretend you are a client walking through the office
    2. TV monitors, Bots, and other featured office gadgets should be turned on and working
    3. Marketing material should be present, available, and neatly arranged, where appropriate
    4. All conference room whiteboards should be clean and clear and conference room tables empty of debris
    5. All conference room cords should be hidden to the best of ability
    6. ​Conference room chairs and furniture should be arranged neatly
    7. Ensure that everything else in sight would be appropriate to a visiting client.
  5. Make sure you follow the procedures after a conversation, and if you have improvements - speak to whoever is involved in the DailyOps activity, agree and then update the Standard

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