Controls - Do you use the fonts recommended by Microsoft in your application? (Windows Forms Only)
  v1.0 Posted at 27/11/2012 8:17 PM by Rebecca Liu

Some font are easier to read then others, at SSW we follow Microsoft's Visual Design Guidelines. This means we use Tahoma 8pt as our font of choice.

At SSW, we use Code Auditor to ensure all fonts on our forms are set to Tahoma but we allow controls to use a different font. This is because certain information is better displayed in a different font. For example a Textbox to show code should use Courier instead of Tahoma.
Form with Arial Narrow Font
Figure: Bad Example - This form uses a non-standard font, and it is hard to read
Form with Tahoma Font
Figure: Good Example - This form uses Tahoma, and it is easy to read
Form with Tahoma Font, and a RichTextBox with Courier New Font
Figure: Good Example - This form uses Tahoma, and the RichTextBox displays source code using Courier New
We have a program called SSW Code Auditor to check for this rule.

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