Controls - Do you use Text Boxes for displaying data?
  v1.0 Posted at 27/11/2012 8:22 PM by Rebecca Liu

Use Label controls to display static text of the application. Eg. "Customer ID:"
Use Text Box controls to display data (results of calculations, information, records from a database, etc.).

The reasons are:
  • users know it is data, not a label of the application
  • users can copy and paste from the field
PS: One reason web UI's are nice, is that the information is always selectable/copyable.
Long string cut off when you are using label
Figure: Bad Example - Not only is the data cut off when you are using label, but you can't copy and paste the value
Using Textbox is better practice
Figure: Good Example - Using Textbox controls makes the data obvious to users
As you can see you'll barely know the difference, so start using Textboxes for displaying data, that's good practice.

More Information

When using TextBox controls in Windows Forms, set them up like this:
Using Textbox is better practice
Figure: Having the 'BorderStyle' Property set to Fixed3D is the best choice visually
Using Textbox is better practice
Figure: Make the text box Read-Only (users copying data is OK, changing is silly)

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