Comments - Do you enforce comments with check-ins?
  v5.0 Posted at 15/07/2014 11:09 AM by Drew Robson
​Team Foundation Server is great, and one of its neat features is enforcing comments when checking in code. Without comments, some of the other built in features like History become ​redundant without comments.

You should have good comments… if you are struggling use this​​.

15-07-2014 10-21-04 AM.png Figure: Bad Example: No Comments against the check-ins we don’t know what changes were made in each revision
15-07-2014 10-24-40 AM.png
Figure: Good Example: Now we can pin point which revision a particular change has been made

In Visual Studio 2013, to enforce this behaviour, you will need to:

15-07-2014 10-41-30 AM.png

Figure: Go to Team Explorer | Source Control

15-07-2014 10-42-21 AM.png

Figure: Then Check-in Policy | Add

15-07-2014 10-42-43 AM.png

Figure: Then select Changeset Comments Policy and OK

15-07-2014 10-42-56 AM.png

Figure: Now you have the Changeset Comments Policy applied to your Team Project

​Now the next time someone checks-in some code, they are forced to enter a comment.

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