Do you check if your website is running?
  v1.0 Posted at 23/08/2016 3:52 AM by Tiago Araujo

If you want to know your website is working or not, you need to add a ping check to the machine also an HTTP Content Scan to the website in WhatsUp. We use WhatsUp to do real-time monitoring.

Follow these steps to check your website in WhatsUp:
  1. Add your website as a new device.
    Figure: New device
  2. Ping monitor is added automatically.
    Figure: Ping monitor
  3. Add an HTTP Content Scan monitor.
    Figure: HTTP Content Scan
  4. Edit the scan script. In the script, you can see 2 keywords "Send" and "Expect".
    "Send" expression is an HTTP request to your website.
    "Expect" expression is a regular expression to check the key word in response from your website.
    Figure: Edit scan script
  5. Add the monitor to your device.
    Figure: Add monitor
    Once a device is down or up, a WhatsUp action will tell SQL Reporting Services to send out a notification report. 
    Our report looks like this:
    Figure: Website doesn't work
    Figure: Website works

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