Calendar - Do you know the ways to see others' calendars?
  v25.0 Posted at 24/01/2019 4:31 PM by Chris Clement

​While working in a team, there are three ways of seeing others' or team calendars.​

Option 1: Using Outlook Calendar - See a person's calendar

You can share your Outlook calendar with another person or a group in Outlook. This option is useful when you want to share your personal calendar with others.

In the example below, Chris is going to share his personal calendar with the "SSWAll" group, so they can see what's he's doing from Outlook calendar.

outlook365 shared calendar - result.png
Figure: In Outlook, after connecting to Chris's calendar, now people can see his events on this week

Here's how to share your calendar (in this example, with a group):

outlook365 sharing using right click.png
Figure: In Outlook, locate the calendar you want to share, right-click on it, and click "Properties..."

Image of calendar sharing on Outlook 365 (v1812 and newer)
Figure: On the permission tab, click "Add..." to add a person (or a group). You can also choose the details you want to share with them (Outlook 365 v1812)

If you are still using Outlook 2016...

Image of calendar sharing on Outlook non-365
Figure: The old way (Outlook 2016 v1812 and older)
Then the other person will receive a sharing notification email:
outlook365 sharing using right click - email.png
Figure: The invitees will receive a calendar sharing notification. Click "Open this Calendar" to open the calendar in Outlook
Here's how to open someone's calendar in  Outlook (if they have shared it ​with you):
outlook365 open-shared-calendar.png
Figure: In Outlook, click "Open Calendar" | "From Address Book..." (this opens the Global Address List)
outlook365 open-shared-calendar - address book.png
Figure: Find their name, ensure their name is on the list, and click OK

Option 2: Using the CRM Service Calendar - See everyone's calendar

When you want to see what's your colleague's is doing, you can use the CRM Service Calendar.

This can keep track of important things like client work and leave. See Scheduling - Do you know how to book developers for a project? on how to add a booking to CRM Service Calendar.

Figure: The CRM Service Calendar shows everyone's booked in client work and leave

Note: This will only show appointments that have been tracked in CRM.

Option 3: Using SharePoint's calendars - See a team's calendar

You can also create a calendar in SharePoint which will be shared with the team in that SharePoint site. By sharing a calendar using SharePoint, new developers who have just joined the team can immediately look at the project's events (e.g. Daily Scrum meeting).

In this scenario, the scrum master of "SSWSugarLearning" wants to share the calendar called "Team Calendar" with his team.

To share a team calendar, you just need to give the calendar URL to the person in your team.

e.g. https://sswcom.sharepoint.com/sites/SSWSugarLearning391/Lists/Team%20Calendar/calendar.aspx

Tip: You can also connect the SharePoint calendar to your Outlook. Here's how to do that:

sharepoint-sharing-calendar - using outlook.png
Figure: In SharePoint 2016: On the "Calendar" tab, click "Connect to Outlook" to show the calendar in your Outlook account

If you are still using SharePoint 2007...

Sync calendar between Outlook and SharePoint 2007
Figure: The old way on SharePoint 2007


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