Calendar - Do you know the ways to share and see others' calendars?
  v9.0 Posted at 20/10/2016 2:50 PM by William Yin

​​​​​There are 3 ways of sharing and seeing others' calendars.

  • Option 1: Outlook Calendar Permissions​
    Allow the required person or group to see your calendar
    Figure: Allow the required person or group to see your calendar with these settings in Outlook
  • Option 2: Using SharePoint's calendars
    Sync calendar between Outlook and SharePoint 2016
    Figure: Sync SharePoint's calendar with Outlook at Intranet | Products | Calendar. (SharePoint 2016)
    Sync calendar between Outlook and SharePoint 2007
    Figure: Here SharePoint's​ Calendar list sees users who have chosen to sync their data. The user in Internet Explorer can see 4 free days.​ (SharePoint 2007)
    Note: The disadvantage of the SharePoint calendar is every new employee that arrives (or those that leave), must share (or unshared) their calendars in their Outlook client.​
  • Option 3: Using the CRM Service Calendar
    Figure: The CRM Service Calendar shows everyone's booked in​ client work and leave

    This will only show appointments that have been tracked in CRM, and so is a great way to keep track of important things like leave or client work.

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