Branding - Do you know when to use an overlay on images?
  v2.0 Posted at 22/04/2020 11:39 AM by Tiago Araujo
​​​​​​​​Sometimes the photo you want to share is not ideal to include texts and/or your logo. Adding overlays on these images creates a professional look to any photo, helps to hide messy desks or floors if needed, and it gives it a consistent contrast and feel to the post. 

It’s a good way of adding text to a photo as well following your branding guidelines at the same time.

​See some bad and good examples from SSW's social media below:

Figure: Bad Example – An overlay could have made this post look nicer
 Figure: Good Example – Overlay on a social media post used to have some text on it
 Figure: Good Example – Overlay on a social media post to fill in the 4 square gaps that a wide photo can have

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