Tiny: Do you avoid full stops at the end of bullet point lists?
  v4.0 Posted at 28/06/2019 7:59 AM by Tiago Araujo

​​​Excess punctuation without a purpose can make a document or web page look overly busy. For a list of short sentences and for figure captions, don't add full stops at the end. The exception to this rule is when you have more than one sentence, then only avoid the full stop in the last sentence.

For example:

  • Sentence 1.
  • Sentence 2.
  • Sentence 3.
Figure: Bad Example - Too much punctuation

  • Sentence 1​
  • Sentence 2. Sentence 3
  • Sentence 4
Figure: Good Example - Full stop is only used in the bullet point that has multiple sentences, except in the last one​

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