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Dones - Do you show quality control with "Checked by xxx"?
  v17.0 Posted at 5/08/2020 9:28 AM by Rebecca Liu
​​​When you get your task done, you should carefully check each item in the email task and make sure it's qualified. For some tasks, you need someone to check it again for you before you send the "Done​" email.  

Simply ask for that person to come over and check it on your computer or IM him/her if the person is not close by (e.g. in a different room). This way you are guaranteed instant feedback and you won't clog up someone else's inbox with unnecessary emails. 

Reply to the "Done" email like below and CC the person who checked the email for you. In this way, you show it was double checked.
Figure: Reply Email with "Checked by XXX"  

When you action a task for adding web content (such as a rule or suggestion), firstly paste the content into a new Word file and run the "Grammar & Spelling Check" to check if there are any errors. After the "Grammar & Spelling Check", you can add it to your website. After that, run Link Auditor in order to keep 0 bad links on that page.

Figure: ​Reply to the email with grammar & spelling check and CA check results

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