Do you add branding to screenshots?
  v20.0 Posted at 3/09/2020 8:34 AM by Tiago Araujo

You can communicate better by using screenshots with balloons and other visual ​elements (arrows, shapes, and highlights) instead of only text. Read the benefits of using screenshots here.

​We recommend you define a standard style for your visual elements by changing the default colors and shapes according to your branding.​

More Information on SSW Branding

Figure: Bad example - shapes being used and branding not followed
Figure: Good example - using balloons and arrows instead and brand colours used
Figure: SSW theme already includes all tools you need with our branding

Instructions to create and use Snagit themes can be found at Quick Style Themes Tutorial.​

Tip: You can automatically have your SSW ​Snagit presets on sign-in via a script. See https://github.com/SSWConsulting/LoginScript.

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