Do you add branding to screenshots?
  v17.0 Posted at 17/11/2018 9:37 AM by Tiago Araujo

You can communicate better by using screenshots with balloons and other visual elements (arrows, shapes, and highlights) instead of only text. Read the benefits of using screenshots here.

We recommend you define a standard style for your visual elements by changing the default colours and shapes according to your branding.

More Information on SSW Branding

Figure: Bad example - The balloon doesn't match our company colours
Figure: Good example - Balloon follows SSW branding
Figure: SSW theme already includes all tools you need with our branding

Instructions to create and use Snagit themes can be found at Quick Style Themes Tutorial.

Go Beyond with Snagit Presets

We use a 1px grey border. Presets can't be defined on the theme. Everyone has to add them on their own Snagit tools:

  1. Select border tool (you need to add it first by [RMB on toolbar] | Customize | Effects | Border)
  2. Set up 1px grey border
  3. Add it to Quick Effects
  4. Click on your new quick effect once to add the 1px grey border (be sure to Select All before copying, because Snagit has got problems with the selecting there…you could miss the added border)

PS. You don’t have to do step 1, you can just add a border from Effects | Border or only add it to the quick effects and access via Effects | Quick Effects. For the sake of simplicity and ease of access, it’s easier to have this in the toolbar.

Figure: Adding Presets to your Snagit

Tip: You can automatically have your SSW ​Snagit presets on sign-in via a script. See https://github.com/SSWConsulting/LoginScript.

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