Post-Production - Do you know how to get your videos approved?
  v6.0 Posted at 7/11/2012 11:38 AM by Raj Dhatt
​There are two types of approval processes. One is quick and the other takes longer.
Scenario 1 - Editing in Post
The first scenario assumes that you are filming something that requires later post production work (i.e. promo video, corporate videos, studio etc.). This scenario requires - depending on the type of video - a significant amount of time in post-production and therefore the approval process will take longer. These are the steps to follow:
  1. After you have post-produced a first version of the video, you must get feedback from the product owner and the stakeholders
  2. Make appropriate changes
  3. Get a second round of feedback
  4. Make appropriate changes
  5. Get final sign off from Product owner
  6. Upload and go live once all changes have been made

Scenario 2 - Editing Live

The second assumes you are going ‘as live’. This is where you edit the video while recording just like live television.

This scenario requires very little post production as this was completed during the filming

  1. Create all the assets needed (i.e. intro/outro slides) before the stream and insert them into XSplit so that you can do a minimum amount of work in post as possible
  2. Add intro and outro and make any quick edits if required in Premiere Pro
  3. Get final approval from Product owner
  4. Upload and go live

By following this rule you can best assess what type of method you should use when creating a video. For example, if the video is an interview (basic two shot), use the Live option as you can do all the editing as you record/stream live.

If however you are creating a creative video such as a corporate video or promo, then follow the traditional method in scenario 1 as these types of videos benefit from extensive post-production work.


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