Long Process - Do you know that you should provide a detailed summary, play a sound and hide the progress bar at the end?
  v1.0 Posted at 27/11/2012 2:07 PM by Rebecca Liu

Whenever a long process is churning away (e.g. about 10 seconds) users will usually do something else, either make a coffee or switch to another window.

Your application should remind the user to go back and check on it by:
  • Playing a sound
  • Hiding the progress bar
  • Showing a message box at the end of the long process
When using Message Box to indicate user a process is done, always includes detailed summary of the process. Don't just say "Process completed."
Process completed.
Figure: Bad example – No detailed information
This is just like standing at a set of traffic lights listening for the beep to know when to walk, rather than constantly looking at the red and green lights.
Completed Progress Form
Figure: OK Example - A completed progress form
Manual extraction process completed.

Mailboxes scanned: 8
Mailboxes skipped: 2
Total mailboxes: 10
Time Taken: 10 minutes, 15 seconds
Figure: Good example – The user can see what has been processed

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