Do you use View Models instead of ViewData?
  v1.0 Posted at 8/03/2013 5:27 AM by Tiago Araujo

MVC provides a ViewData collection in which you can store miscellaneous pieces of information to pass to the View.  It’s also accessible it as a Dynamic object by using the ViewBag.  However, you should avoid using ViewData or ViewBag because it isn’t type-safe and relies on Magic Strings.

public ActionResult Index() {
  ViewData["Message"] = "Some Message";
  return View();
<h1><%: ViewData["Message"] &></h1>

Figure: Bad Example – ViewData being used to pass information to the View isn’t type-safe
public ActionResult Index() {
  var model = new IndexViewModel();
  model.Message = "Some Message";
  return View();
<h1><%: Model.Message %></h1>

Figure: Good Example – Using a ViewModel is a safer way to pass data

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