Do you limit the number of fonts?
  v7.0 Posted at 23/04/2013 4:24 AM by Tiago Araujo

Each font or style (italics or bold) should be used consistently throughout your presentation. While a different font face or color is a simple way of highlighting certain terms you want for focus, too much of it will do exactly the opposite and distract the audience.

The rules are:

  • Use one font per presentation
  • Use one style (eg. bold or color) per slide if possible
  • Steer clear of excessively bright colors or any flourished type face (both are hard to read)
too many fonts used for headers
Figure: Bad Example - 2 fonts are used, 2 styles are used, and flourished type face used. This all makes your slide hard to read for the audience
Figure: Better Example - Even though there are a lot of words, the main ones are clear because there is only one font used, with color to emphasize

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