Do you know how to report on CRM data?
  v4.0 Posted at 27/09/2014 8:44 AM by Ulysses Maclaren

​​​The data stored in CRM is useful on two counts. Firstly, it gives you a single source of truth for all customer related data. Secondly, you now have the ability to report on this data.

Figure: Advanced find is the easiest way to filter your data in CRM

Figure: Good ​​Example - You use Advanced Find | Export to Excel, but you’ll always have to re-create your reports each time you need the information. This is fine if you only need the information for a one off purpose like a quick mail out​​
Figure: Better Example - The better way to do it is through CRM 2013 ​reports (built in SQL Reporting Services), as this gives you a reusable report you can come back to every time you need it​

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