Do you know how to book better flights?
  v6.0 Posted at 8/11/2017 8:42 PM by Alvin Shen
  1. ​​​Visit the sites below
  2. Enter the destinations with corresponding dates to receive a quote from each site
  3. Use the quotes to locate the best price or deal.

​These are the best sites to check in order of preference:

These are the best sites for flights within the US

​These are the best sites for flights within China

Compare all alternatives researched and select 3 of the best options to choose from. Make a recommendation for the option you feel is best (with reasons) and give to your boss to get his/her approval and initial before booking.


  • Some travel companies, such as Flight Centre, are able to match or beat the prices quoted by t​heir​ competitors so be sure to ask them for a competitive​ fare. See Booking Online Versus Using a Travel Agent
  • Make sure that before comparing the prices the quotes include all the taxes/ surcharges/fees
  • Booking sites often charge a fee for the service, for instance
  • Ensure that the quotes you receive are 'flexible' ( i.e. they provide an option to alter the travelling dates once the tickets are purchased)
  • Remember to convert all prices to Australian dollars when comparing quotes, by using the SSW Currency Converter.
  • Avoid Paper tickets - they are hard to change. Go for E-tickets
  • We would recommend Google Flight and Bing travel but neither work for Australia - see this tweet.

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