Rule #41
Do you deal with distractions?
  v5.0 Posted at 11/03/2015 4:13 PM by ulyssesmaclaren
Keeping your mind on the job is so important if you're trying to solve a bug and finalising a task to meet this afternoon's deadline. These are a few practical suggestions which are standards in the SSW office to help me keep "in the zone"..
  1. P​rogramming in pairs means you won't cruise the web or play Solitaire, you'll be forced to focus.
  2. Don't interrupt people unnecessarily when they're working - create comprehensive standards for people to refer to.
  3. Avoid multi-tasking as much as possible, don't open one email, respond to half the questions, and then open another. Complete the first, and delete.
  4. Set your Browser default to "About:Blank" so you don't get distracted by
  5. Minimise Outlook distractions.
  6. Minimise MSN Messenger distractions.
  7. People should avoid distracting you

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