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Are you flexible with the order you do the work (i.e. Cancelling a sprint)?
  v8.0 Posted at 8/08/2012 9:04 PM by ulyssesmaclaren
Every now and then your clients are going to want to change their priorites and have you work on something which they see as more important than your current sprint. Provided that it doesn't have any negative effects overall, there isn't any reason why you can't stick to the "customer is always right" philosophy.

So what will you do when this happens? ​

  1. Move any left over work/items to the backlog.
  2. Send a debrief to the client with a note e.g. As per your request we have just cancelled Sprint five and will start on Sprint six. The remaining items have been moved into the backlog.
  3. Send a Sprint Forecast for the new sprint.

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